The Narrative


The Narrative – Drama Edition We found the true meaning of “let’s have a promenade”, saw the juicy inside drama of the British Monarchy, watch as McDreamy appeared once again and cried with the Scarlet Witch when we heard “what is grief if not love persevering?” As we continue to fall in love with new characters and old favourites, drama has never been more exciting and widely available as we escape into other realities while staying safely on our couch. To start off our new series of Voices of WT+, we have chosen 3 drama lovers to share their reasons...

The Narrative ft. Ginette Chittick

Introducing an anthology series, The Narrative focuses on the brilliance of people. Going into the heart of matters on what inspires us and what drives us to stay true to our goals. In the series, we meet individuals that makes up the culture and environment of Singapore and we find out their narrative on life. https://youtu.be/mnjGXoMQ_zg We meet the brilliantly talented Ginette Chittick, she is a Fashion Designer, DJ, Bassist, Lecturer, Artist and Cat-lover. You may have seen her latest work, Sewing Discord or maybe saw her spinning music at events, Ginette’s talented flair for arts and music has...

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